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New from Ned Rothenberg's Sync: Inner Diaspora
The third release from the acclaimed acoustic trio, Sync--their first release on John Zorn's Tzadik label--is augmented by two of NYC's most prominent improvising string players...

Samir Chatterjee: tabla
Jerome Harris: acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, lap steel
Ned Rothenberg: clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, shakuhachi
Mark Feldman: violin
Erik Friedlander: cello

From the CD sleeve notes: "Ned...interprets the inner Diaspora as a place of learning and growth...drawing upon his extensive experience in world music, Ned explores the possibilities of 21st century Jewish culture through the nuances of scales, modes and feelings of alienation and belonging."

"Served with blithe gesture, the menu made from magic, earthen roots, finest ingredients and spicy sauces, this music beckons excitingly like scarcely any other."
--Klaus Hubner, Jazzthetik

"Rothenberg is a wonder on the reeds and is probably about the best shakuhachi player in jazz."
--Kurt Gottschalk, All About Jazz

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