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Trumpeter/Composer Sarah Wilson's Trapeze Project
"Wilson, a trumpeter and singer, has her own way of making music, a very individual voice. It's clear from the opening track, "Blessing", that she's a fan of grooves and simple, clean melodies, but there's sophistication in how she constructs songs and arrangements. For example, "She Stands In A Room" is heartbreakingly slow and beautiful. The groove is laid down by drummer Scott Amendola and bassist Jerome Harris, but it sounds like they've got to run it through quicksand to reach the end of the song. All the while, layers of melody build between Wilson's trumpet and vocals, Ben Goldberg's clarinet and Myra Melford's piano--it's a fine effect. Wilson made this record to reflect her move from New York City back to her home state of California in 2005, and she draws from the ever-changing musical landscape she experienced traveling from coast to coast to make a very eclectic grouping of songs. She effectively makes you feel the longing for people and places left behind as well as the anticipation of people and places she will soon see. Wilson sings two songs on the recording. One is an original called "Melancholy For Place", a searching ballad with an inviting, plaintive vocal. The other is a treatment of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart", known as a punk-inspired, dance-club classic; Wilson's sparse version puts the vocals and the lyrics front-and-center as she transforms the song and makes it her own. That's the impression Sarah Wilson leaves you with: She makes music her own way."--Frank Alkyer,

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