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My essay "Considering Jaki Byard" was commissioned by and published in Sound American, a journal edited by trumpeter/composer Nate Wooley and produced by DRAM, the online streaming home of New World Records, CRI, and many other significant independent American music labels.

Klezmer/funk/hiphop juggernaut
Abraham Inc.'s new recording,
Together We Stand, is now streaming worldwide!

The band's debut, Tweet Tweet, is also available on all major streaming platforms.

Abraham Inc., featuring David Krakauer, Fred Wesley and Socalled, was profiled in a six-minute segment on National Public Radio's All Things Considered; click HERE to check it out!

Check out a feature article about Jerome's use of the acoustic bass guitar, in Bass Player magazine!


Category: Performances
Location: Corona NY
Queens Theatre, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park
14 United Nations Ave. South
Corona NY 11368
PHONE: (718) 760-0064


    Brooklyn Primal presents Evidence
    Bill McHenry: tenor sax
    Nicole Kampgen: alto sax, vocals
    Jerome Harris: electric guitar
    Ed Schuller: double bass, vocals
    Pete Davenport: drums

    Bob Stewart: Connections--Mind the Gap
    Pioneering jazz tubist Bob Stewart interweaves his arrangements of compositions by peers and heroes with the movements of In Color, a chamber piece specially commissioned from composer Jessie Montgomery and performed by the string ensemble PUBLIQuartet.

    Yard Byard--The Jaki Byard Project's Debut Recording: Inch By Inch
    "Yard Byard is a cooperative ensemble wonderfully based on a quirky body of work which in their capable hands proves extremely viable, the compositions of the late master musician and teacher Jaki Byard. What an inspiration, why didn't someone think of this before? This has to go down as one of my favorite new band sightings of the year." -- Willard Jenkins, "Open Sky"

    David Krakauer's Ancestral Groove: Checkpoint
    Der Klarinettist David Krakauer ist Bewahrer und gleichzeitig Innovator jüdischer Klezmermusik. Ob mit den Klezmatics, Fred Wesley, Iva Bittova, dem Kronos Quartet oder DJ Socalled, immer liegt dem New Yorker die Verbindung traditioneller Elemente der Klezmermusik mit avantgardistischen und zeitgenössischen Stilistiken am Herzen. So auch bei seinem neuesten Projekt, der Band Ancestral Groove, bestehend aus alten und ein paar neuen Weggefährten wie Bassist Jerome Harris, Drummer Michael Sarin, Gitarrist Marc Ribot und Organist John Medeski. Zusammen mit dieser kongenialen elektrischen Formation macht sich Krakauer an die Fortsetzung dessen, was er bereits mit seiner Band Klezmer Madness begann: aus dem Bewusstsein für Tradition eine neue spannende Musik zu gestalten. Hier verwirbelt er auf faszinierende Weise kulturelle osteuropäische Überlieferungen seiner Ahnen mit Jazz-Improvisation, Rock, Dance-Funk und urbaner DJ-Attitüde. So aufregend und Spaß machend kann ein Grenzübergang sein. -- Olaf Maikopf, Jazz Thing 103

    Roy Nathanson's Sotto Voce: Complicated Day
    Roy Nathanson: alto sax, voice
    Curtis Fowlkes: trombone, voice
    Sam Bardfeld: violin, voice, samples
    Jerome Harris: guitar, voice
    Tim Kiah: double bass, voice
    Napoleon Maddox: human beatbox, voice

    "In a world of useless shouting things, Roy Nathanson's Sotto Voce is sane, funny, beautiful and intimate." -- Elvis Costello